Happiness is…

As you may recall, my last post was about our recent flight to Spain and the quirkiness of air travel – even when you’re still on the ground!!  Logically, it would follow that I should now tell you all about our actual time in Spain. How I hate to be predictable, so maybe next time.

In the meanwhile…

dreamstimecom megaphone

Yes, I guess you could say that I’m happy about it.  Over the moon?  No, not really, well, YES ACTUALLY!!

It happened shortly before we left for Spain. Franco and I were sitting down to dinner one evening, when the phone rang. We picked up and when we knew it was Jessie we just put her on speaker phone so that we could carry on with our meal. I dang near choked on a piece of broccoli when she announced her engagement.  Not that we hadn’t been expecting it, but I guess we thought it might happen around a special occasion like Christmas or birthday, not just on a regular Friday evening.  Jessica was so excited and so were we.  We ended up hanging up and getting onto FaceTime.  Are you familiar with FaceTime? It’s almost exactly like Skype but for Apple products, and this way we could have a look at her beautiful ring.  And beautiful it is; it even has a bit of a story to it. Want me to tell you? Are you sure? Too bad, I’m telling you anyway.

When my mother passed away, she had a few beautiful rings that she left to her daughters. The one that I got was a solitaire with quite a large diamond and a large setting as well. I wore it for a while, but the setting was so high, that the diamond was always getting caught in sweaters, coats and whatever else. Sometimes it would get caught on other people’s clothing and I would have to apologize.

“Excuse me, but my huuuge diamond is stuck in your scarf. You should be more careful with that thing.” or “Oh dear, I think my beautiful diamond ring just made a pull in your sweater. Gosh, I hope my ring is okay.  Out of my way, I must get to the diamond emergency clinic.”

Well, of course I’m kidding. I would never say anything like that. Not out loud anyway.  On with the real story. When Jessica and her beau Tony moved in together and announced that they planned to get engaged, I saw a perfect opportunity to put my mother’s ring to good use. I gave it to Jessica and told her that she and Tony should bring it into a good jeweller and have it redesigned into a ring she would love.  Tony took care of that; he and the jeweller did a beautiful job in turning a slightly ostentatious ring into just the right engagement ring for my baby girl. I just know my mom was smiling to see Jessica so ecstatic at the sight of it.

Engagements are such happy, romantic times, but they’re not just about rings  I must apologize at having been remiss in sharing this news sooner, but I didn’t think we would all zoom into action so quickly. The first time I got engaged, we put the ring on my finger and then just kind of basked in bliss for a few months before we started making preparations.

These days however, you have to start right away unless you don’t mind a three-year engagement.  So in we plunged. First things first. The dress of course. What would that look like? We needed to consider the skirt of the dress. Straight or trumpet? A-line or mermaid? Ball gown or sheath?  What about the back? Would we dare go for a glamorous plunging back or would it be wiser to keep it a little more covered there? Then there’s the waistline to consider. I love the empire waistline, but it’s not for everybody. The neckline is terribly important.  A deep plunging Vee may be cringe worthy to family and guests. The sweetheart neckline is always a favourite, while the square and scoop are equally popular. Phew! It’s enough to make your head spin. And at some point we needed to consider the bride’s dress as well l!  It’s her day after all; not everything can be about me all the time.

I knew that with Jessie, the dress would be no problem whatsoever. She’s like a little doll and would look good in anything. As soon as we started talking bridal gowns, we started getting the inevitable comment. “She’s so pretty, she could wear a potato sack and still look amazing!” Of course it’s true, and it got me thinking. Why should we go all traditional and dare I say, predictable. If the girl would look great in a potato sack, why not go that route. It would be something no one would ever forget and in my opinion, would make a very bold statement. It would also free up a considerable amount of cash that could be spent elsewhere.

So I got up my nerve and suggested it to her. Who knew such a pretty girl could make such a nasty face?

sarahvintagesblogspotcom potato sack

Okay, so I learned a couple of things. First, Jessica was going to want to have the whole wedding dress experience and I certainly wasn’t going to stand in her way. The second thing I learned was that I could still outrun her.  Thank goodness she always wears such high heels.

And so the shopping began. It was important to Franco and I that Jessie get whatever her heart desired, so we told her that she should not let a little thing like a price tag hold her back…unless of course the tag read more than our agreed-upon budget.

I’m happy to report that she did say yes to the dress. I’m getting a little weary of that phrase, but hell, it fits. We had done a lot of shopping before I left and it was while I was away that she found the dress of her dreams. I was so happy to find out that this had happened when she was shopping alone with her sister Julie. What a beautiful moment for them to share and such a wonderful memory to cherish. Jessica being Jessica, was absolutely not going to deny me the experience of seeing her model the dress in the little shop where she chose it. She arranged a special appointment to try it on again and we drove there just the two of us (I didn’t even invite Virtignia) so I could see it on her. It’s a moment I will always remember. I keep imagining Tony’s face when he sees come walking up the aisle. He’s going to be sooo blown away! Oh go ahead and blow your nose; I’ll wait for you. The whole thing made me cry too.

waiting hand

Take your time…no rush…hurry up already!

Now that the dress has been chosen, the venue booked, photographer hired, menu decided and a hundred other details taken care of, can we please start thinking about MY dress?  Let’s see…


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12 thoughts on “Happiness is…

    • Yes, Jessie married. How can this be happening at my tender young age 🙂 I’m really glad it is and I’m looking forward to seeing this wonderful young couple get a start on their lives together.

  1. What a beautiful story about the ring! Jessie is so lucky!
    I wonder how many men reading the part about the dress and the neckline have actually a clue how the different necklines look like, LOL! Looking forward to many pictures from the wedding!

    • It’s still not until July, but I’m looking forward to it already. Some of these neckline things were new to me too, to be honest. I’m learning… Hope you’re doing well Ms. Banana!

  2. Great story (as always) Renelle. I agree that Jessica would look stunning in a potato sack but glad she went with long, white and feminine. Looking forward to the “mother of the bride” dress story. 2015 is going to be quite the year for you and your family 🙂

  3. I love all of your blogs Renelle! They are inspirational and very funny. You have a real talent in all of your writings. Looking forward to the next story and congratulations for the upcoming nuptials.

    • Thank you Nancy! Very sweet of you to say that. We are very much looking forward to the nuptials and all the good things that go with them. I hope all is well with you.

    • Ah! Flatterer!! I love it. I’m definitely old enough to have daughters of ‘that’ age and then some. I’m knitting the hat that you got me the pattern for right now. As soon as it’s done and I give it to whomever (probably at Christmas) I will post a picture and also send it to you directly so you can seem the fruits of your generosity and my labour. That goes for you too Janet!!

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