I started this blog in April, 2014 as a way to challenge myself after ten years of letting a disability from a car accident dictate my life. I hoped that by stating publicly that I would attempt something, this would make me see it through. Little did I know that a bigger challenge was about to present itself. Just a few short weeks after my first post, I was diagnosed with cancer. It started out as a fairly straightforward colon cancer, but soon metastasized into a secondary liver cancer.

What was I to do? I thought about shutting down the blog I had just started, but then I realized that I needed it more than ever before. This is hard, but my intent is to face it with courage, confidence and above all, a sense of humour. I’m poking fun at my life and my circumstances. As one commenter pointed out, I am giving cancer the disrespect it deserves.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have family, friends and readers who let me know by their comments that I am not alone. I’m particularly lucky to have the love and support of my beautiful, wonderful daughters, Julie and Jessica and my loving best friend and life mate, my husband Francisco. This blog is dedicated to these three special people who refuse to let me give up on myself, and for them, as well as myself, I will get through this.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m in too…. You’re sense of humor is infectious Renelle………spread a happy, harmless virtual virus! As you know, I can relate to your story of resilience and continued hope.

    I am staying tuned !!!!!!!! xo BIG HUGS !

  2. Good for you girlfriend!! What a great way to start your 54th year!!
    Happy Birthday Buddy, love u lots. See u in a couple of weeks!

    Very proud of you, I’ll will certainly read your blog!! Xo

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