The Crew

From time to time, I refer to some of the characters (and characters they are) on my crew and I think you should know who they are and possibly, a little bit about them.

VirtigniaPronounced vir-TIJ-ni-a.  Sometimes referred to as Virtidge.

This sweet little girl is my imaginary friend. I originally chose her name because it was close to Virtiginy.  Had I known my blog would end up being about cancer, well, the whole site name would be different and Virtidge might well be Melli Noma or something like that. I created her because sometimes I need someone to help me move the post along a little; I will use her to converse with me, advise me or ask me something.  She often helps me to introduce subject matter. She makes things a little less lonely in this publishing office otherwise known as my bedroom. I just like having her around and I hope you do too.

Roamin Carcinoma: Sometimes referred to as  … um… perhaps I shouldn’t say.

He’s the Bad Guy in this blog. He is my cancer personified. I borrowed his picture from, because it’s pretty close to what I imagine he might look like. It’s not really his fault he’s the bad guy. He’s just a blob or several blobs of Bad Cells that were probably hanging around not doing much and might even have been held at bay by my good cells. Now that he is threatening my life, he has become a bad guy and Virtidge and I don’t like him very much. We wish he would just go away.

I decided I needed to personify my good cells and after very little thought, I knew it had to be You:

My readers, my friends, my GOOD CELLS. You help me keep Roamin Carcinoma from getting the better of me. You fight him along with me, because Virtidge and I would never be able to do this alone. I’m sure I could get by with the love of my husband, daughters, family and friends, but having you there takes some of the weight off of these wonderful people who are as lost and beleaguered as I am. You’re my posse. The ride is going to be bumpy sometimes, but you’ll keep me as safe as you can won’t you?  ❤


Well, that’s just me and I’m the official blogger on this site. Just think of me as The Big Cheese, or if you prefer a little international flavour, you can call me Le Grand Fromage.


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